Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a kitchen at the hall?

Yes, we have a full-sized kitchen at the hall, including a microwave, oven, fridge and a freezer.

Can I consume alcohol at the hall?

Yes! Hirers are welcome to bring and consume alcohol at the hall. If you are planning on selling alcohol at an event, or charging an entry fee/collecting donations at an event where alcohol is being supplied for free, you need to apply for an alcohol special license.

Is the hall accessible for people with mobility issues?

Yes! We have 2 mobility parks available a few metres away from the front door to the hall. We also have a small ramp up to the front door allowing for wheelchair access, as well as an accessible bathroom for people in wheelchairs or with other mobility issues.

Do you allow 21st birthday parties at the hall?

Yes, however, there are certain conditions you must comply with. To find out more, please fill out our booking form.

Do you have parking onsite for hirers?

Yes, the hall is surrounded by a large carpark, however, members of the public are also able to use the carpark. There is plenty of on-street parking available with less than a minute walk to the hall.

Do you have plates/cutlery for hirers to use?

We have plenty of small saucers and mugs for hirers to use, suitable for morning tea and other small meals. For proper dinner plates and cutlery, we recommend hirers either hire these from a party hire company, or use disposable cutlery and plates.

Do you have chairs and tables?

We have chairs and tables to seat approximately 120 people.

Do you have rubbish bins onsite for hirers to use?

We have a large rubbish bin in the kitchen which our regular hirers are free to use. We have recycling bins on-site for all hirers to use, you don’t need to take your recycling home with you. Casual/weekend hirers must take their own rubbish home with them, including all rubbish they put in the kitchen bin.

Who is responsible for cleaning the hall after my casual event?

We offer hirers the option of cleaning the hall themselves, or choosing our Cleaning Service, where a fee of $120 is paid to our contract cleaner.

If your question wasn’t answered above, please download our information booklet below for more information about the hall.

Outram Hall

North Shore Based Venue Operated by the Murrays Bay Residents’ Association.

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